December 21, 2010

Traumatizing Car Ride and Why and I So tired??

Hi my blogging friends, well its the beginning of my work week and I like to always share what I have done on my days "away" from the computer. This weekend was a busy one, we had a birthday party for my nephew on Sunday. It was fun and the kids enjoyed Peter Piper. I had never been there so I enjoyed myself watching them play the games and my littlest one loved to go up and down the slide. She could not get enough of it. I came home and made some yummy fudge, I am still getting to the Sugar cookies, they will be done this week. Monday my son flew up north for his visit with his dad. I always miss him when he is gone for a week or longer, and we have been doing it for 7 years almost back and forth. We were playing around with the timer on my camera phone and got this picture taken. It will be a memory of the worst trip to the airport ever. It was pouring down rain and I had a hard time seeing the road. I started to have a panic attack so we got off the freeway only to find out why I couldnt see was because I had a ripped contact. I had no glasses and still had to get to the airport. I got there not sure how but I did it. My son is 11 and he even said that ride made me very nervous. The ride home was worse. OMG I could not see at all with the back spray, the wind, and the fact that I was practically blind. I had to get off the freeway and back on three times because I freaked out and then finally got to a point I could get off and just take side roads. I was traumatized for sure. I didnt leave the house once today. I learned a very good lesson, I will always put my glasses in my purse from now on. Never go out of the house with only contacts. I have been so tired lately like cant keep my eyes open. I have battled with thyroid issues since my oldest was born I am thinking its time to get that checked again. I cant get anything done being this tired. Anyone battle thyroid issues? PS. how do you lose followers, am I boring my readers?

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