December 2, 2010

Few things I learned about when someone you love is ill

I was in the grocery store today buying cake mix and frosting to make my parents an anniversary cake. December 3rd, (I think 1977 sorry mom cant remember) is there anniversary and they have been married over 30 years. My dad on November 15th of this year had a brain aneurysm that burst and had to have surgery, a drainage tube and was in a small coma. Today he is staying in a center for care and rehab so that he can go home once he is strong enough to do the every day things he will need to do even as little as walking. He is getting better every day and its a miracle that he is living. So back to my story, my brain is all over the place these days. I was in line buying cake mix and frosting so that tonight I can bake a cake for their anniversary and tomorrow my sister can take it to the rehab and surprise my parents with it. I cant go because well again I am sick and so it is best I stay home and not bring germs to my dad who needs to stay strong. There was a magazine and the front caught my eye because it was about thyroid issues and changing diet to help when medicine doesnt, I had to have it of course. I have been dealing with thyroid since my first born 11 years ago. I grabbed it skimmed it in the car picking the kids and came across these amazing tips that fit right into my life. I thought I would share them, maybe they fit into yours too. When caring for someone you love that is ill, the First is to ask before helping.. you automatically want to jump up and help and do everything but Kim McNair M.S.W says that someone healing and in recovery needs to feel some control so instead of always doing maybe ask first. Second, Giving them something to smile about. Illness is a serious matter but laughter really can be the best medicine. And Third, Giving yourself a break. This one I have heard before and the doctor even told my Mom... No matter how close you are to the person you need to give yourself some me time. Do something you love and enjoy. You cant help anyone if you are not taking care of yourself. Happy Friday and Have a great weekend.I will be creating some new items for This-n-That Boutique and will be sure to share soon.
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  1. What a great article you found Valery! They are all great tips. They are all true as well. It's the same with our kids too. They have to do for themselves or they will never learn.... and as a mommy we are always over taxing ourselves.... and it's so true.... you can't take care of anyone if you don't take care of yourself first..... and getting some me time is definitely do right by YOU! : ) Your Mom and Dad will greatly appreciate your love you put into the cake you are baking for them. Such a kind and sweet gesture! Keep your chin up Valery! Your dad will be stronger and home before you know it. : ) HUGS....... ♥

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  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents! "Get Well" to you and your Dad. Im already a follower.. Hope you have a great weekend :)

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  4. These are great tips, I'm definitely one of those people that wants to do something, ANYTHING to feel useful in a situation.

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  6. I hope your dad continues to do ok. Hugs!

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