November 27, 2010

What a week...

Wow what a week, so you know those weeks that you look back on and you got nothing done in the time you had and you wonder where did it go. That was my week for sure. I had this big things to do list while I had a week of kids being out of school. I know what you are thinking, silly girl how can you do anything while the kids are out of school, let alone 7 kids. I still thought I could do some extra things with my time. WRONG I got nothing on my list done. Every day passed by and I wondered where did it go. I had more messes to clean, more loads of laundry to do, and more MOM can you do this for me. A few nights after a long 10 hour day of working I would shut the lights off and make the house dark so I could forget about the mess. LOL. One night I couldnt take it anymore so I stayed up until 4am to clean and wow let me tell you a 7 year old just does not know how to clean her room. There were things in places I didnt even know she had. I mean really does the hair brush go in the laundry basket and her little sisters shoes in the toy box. Anyways during this week of work, cleaning, laundry, kids, and mess I did also spend sometime baking and putting up the tree visiting my dad in the hospital. Oh and I made two new hats too. So here are some pics of what I was up to for the week of me being MIA....
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November 18, 2010

Becoming a habit..

I think that this is becoming a habit. I cant seem to sleep but this time it is because of more then one thing. My Dad had an aneurysm on Monday, surgery on Tuesday, a few complications but he is awake and now it is time for him to heal. He is not out of the woods yet and it worries me. The worrying is making it so I cant sleep and in order to keep my mind from racing all over the place I am crocheting and crafting in between my pacing watching the phone and waiting. It is a big waiting game now. I am praying and crossing my fingers and hoping everyday he gets stronger. So in the meantime this is my new hat I made. I have never made a "puff" stitch beanie and here it is. I love the colors, not sure if anyone else will but I do. This one will fit a newborn to about three months old. It is the first one that This-n-That Boutique has carried, lets see how it goes over. I have so much more to make and my Dad will be in the hospital at least another week minimum. So keep checking back for new creations while I live through my stress, worrying, anxiety, and lack of sleep.... more to come. And of course tell me what you think?

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November 15, 2010

Just something I whipped up Today

I usually take Monday off from even touching the computer, it is my day to clean and bake and spend time with the kids since they are all here on Monday's but now that I am trying to work harder on crafting I will be visiting my blog and uploading pictures a little more on Monday's. For this reason I thought I would show you what I "whipped" up last night, the kids were asking me to make some headbands. I have 5 girls ranging from age 3 to 9 so I thought I would come up with something simple but still cute that they call could wear. Plus to be honest with you I have a HUGE bucket of scrap material that I could not for the life of me think of something to do with it. So this worked out good for all of us. The girls were so excited to wear them to school today and they were already asking if we could make more when they got home from school. So I guess my idea worked out. I was thinking about it last week, but people told me not to put the flower on a skinny headband and I did it anyways. I think it worked out okay. You be the judge and tell me what you think? If I get at least 10 comments I will give one away using on Wednesday. I also put a flower on a clip to. So please comment away and give some opinions.

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November 14, 2010

A work in progress... Crochet projects to start and finish

Happy Sunday, I am thinking that this weekend was not as productive that I would like, but It is really my Friday when it comes to working so I have a cute little list of projects to finish by Tuesday and I want to get them done. Here is the list, lets see if it happens by Tuesday when I come back to the online world of working. 1. another "Fragile Rock" Hat Toddler size. 2. A Cocoon with matching hat. 3. Baby Hammock 4. A Christmas Cocoon with matching Santa Hat. 5. Finish my purse for its debut. That the list and then I want to start a project I had a dream about last night. I am hoping to do my first giveaway this up coming week. Anyone that does giveaways have any tips. I just love all the 0-3 months projects I have going on right now, but no newborns to try them out on. So someone suggested a giveaway and thought that would be a good idea. Please tell me what you think and what you would do?
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November 12, 2010

This is what happens when you cant sleep...

I am not sure what it is but last week I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep and the last two days I cant seem to sleep if I wanted to. I did open a new creamer and maybe too much coffee has kept me up, but thats another story. I just got some new crochet patters the other day and this is one that I bought and just had to try. The original pattern is by Jaybird Designs, but I made some adjustments and changes of my own and this cute little hat is the end result. The problem is that I made it in the Newborn size and well since my Newborn is turning 4 in January, I dont have any babies to try it out on. I guess this is where I start contacting Product Review blogs if they want to Review my new hat right? Someone one that has a new baby that does product reviews would be perfect. Or do I do a giveaway and then ask the winner if I can maybe get a picture of their very adorable baby in my very adorable hat?? Suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you in advance and well now its time to clean up the house so I can get back to finding someone to try out my new hat.. oh so excited. I told those that actually read my rambling words that it is the little things that excite me. That and the lack of sleep and loads of caffeine. For some reason I want to call this hat the Fragile Rock, any one watch that show? lol

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November 11, 2010

It's Friday Already...Can someone say Deja Vu?

I cant believe the week has gone by and I think I might have checked one thing off my weekly to do list. I think I walked around all week long with my head in a cloud of sinus congestion. My sleepless nights were from coughing not being productive that is for sure. So here we are my to do list in hand adding the items of last weeks to do list on top of it. I did get to go shopping today for some new supplies to make some new crafts and I am very excited to get working on those. I will be sure to post pictures of them when they are done. Look forward to those in December of 2011. While I was shopping I saw so many things from Mary Engelbreit. I love this time of year she has such cute journals and greeting cards for Christmas Time. They make great stocking stuffers too. Yes I am already thinking of Christmas Shopping and Thanksgiving is not even here yet. Speaking of Thanksgiving, that reminds me of house guest that will be stopping by and my house is so messy I cant believe this is my house. My husband left for work and actually asked "Do you plan on cleaning the house any time soon". As I smiled telling him to have a nice time at work I was thinking to myself, No I thought I would leave it this way. Maybe a kid will get lost in my piles of laundry. We have 7 we can afford to lose 1. Right? I moved that task to number ONE on the to do list. Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend!


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November 10, 2010

So Excited and I Just Cant Hide It!

Ok so the kids are out of school for the next two days and so you know what that means for me?? Drum roll please... I get to stay up later when its quiet and sleep in a bit. Yes it is the little things that excite me. I am getting ready to make a pot of coffee, open up my new Sweet Cream Creamer and enjoy it. Next thing I am excited for is check out my blog. Finally after weeks of emailing blogger and posting on the forum, some kind person told me how to fix my missing side bar and footer. Now you can see all the pieces of my blog as a whole. I take pride in my side bar and the things that I have to share so now its all there. Thanks goodness I was about to lose my mind and give up on the whole thing and start all over, but I think that my blog designer Lisa might have strangled me since she is not even done with my blog as it is. I made a new hair clip with a new flower and I am just not sure about it. I posted it on my Facebook page if your up for giving me your opinion, please stop by any time and comment. And finally, but not last because I could ramble on all night, just dont want to bore anyone. I got the cutest two new crochet patterns and I cant wait to make them and share them. So until next time. Happy Thursday.. Comments are always welcome. How do you like my blog now that its all there? And how do you spend your quiet time?
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November 5, 2010

I Love New Hops, Freaky Friday Questions and Answers

Never fails in my house. One runny nose leads to a few runny noses and always makes it way around to me. Now I am sick with a runny nose and sore throat and body aches. I think this is the first year that mine has turned into the full blown flu. Taking over the counter stuff that really just makes me more sleepy then I was already. Trying to get through the day and still get something accomplished although I feel like a Train has run me over. So I have not had much energy, but I was able to read some blogs and I found this new hop and I like to try them when they come along. Although my true goal is to one day get readers interested in me and my thoughts and craft projects rather then the daily blog hops. LOL that may never happen because it usually takes me a month to finish one craft project with all of my other ten thousand things I have to get done in a week. And I read over my blog sometimes and think who is this girl writing this, she sounds so boring.. but then again I did make a promise to be more personal in my writings so hopefully that will help. Anyways the cold meds are making me ramble on as I am still typing and have not even gotten to the questions of the blog hop.. here they are.
1-What is your favorite part of fall? I love the part of fall when the weather gets chilly and the leaves fall off, living in San Diego I dont get much of that so I do like when I do get it.
2-Do you drive around and see the fall colors? Why or why not? I would drive around and see them, but since its 85 degrees this week here in San Diego. The thought of sitting in the car with a bunch of sweaty sick kids is not my idea of a good time.
3-What food reminds you most of fall? What makes it remind you of fall? For some reason everything pumpkin reminds me of fall. I love to make pumpkin cheesecake. I say that as I think to myself wow when was the last time I made pumpkin cheesecake. Add that to the list of ten thousand and one things to do this week.
4-Do you do anything special in the fall? I am starting to get into a little fall decorating, and well the pumpkin spice candle on my table is my first piece. Guess I better broaden my decorating to maybe some signs. I have no excuse my mom owns a business of primitive signs and she has tons of fall. Note to self, be a good daughter and buy a sign.
5-Do you have anything special that you eat during the fall? Nothing special that I eat, but this time of year my husband loves to buy egg nog. He buys it every year, right now the quart that he bought on the last shopping trip is sitting in the fridge in the side door. Not opened and may never be opened but he just feels good knowing he purchased it.
6-Do you like the cold weather? Now that depends on if I am indoors or out. If it is not raining then I can handle a nice pair of jeans and a jacket, but if it is raining I prefer to just keep my butt in the house. There is nothing worse then dragging a toddler out in the rain and begging her to not step in the mudd and please put on your hood and she is soaking wet and now complaining she is cold and you have not even left your driveway yet. That was just the trip to the car.

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30 Days of Truth & Friday Fun Day

Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for. This is a hard one for me. I am not the type of person that will hold a grudge, but when someone continues to do the same things over and over again. I just cant stop thinking that maybe they are just meant to be someone I dont agree with. I am really trying hard to forgive and forget, but every time I let my guard down they strike again. I am trying though and I am working through it in my own ways. Just going to take me some time. I just keep telling myself there has to be a reason why they are acting and doing the things they are. I just wish that I could figure that reason out so that I could forgive and let go. It is so strange for me to not forgive or to hold on to things. So I am learning to deal with this one day at a time. How about you, who do you have to forgive? I have been working hard on adding some new items to This-n-That Boutique, take a look if you have time. Happy Friday and dont forget to comment. I love to read comments and visit my readers blogs.BoostMyBlogFridayFriendlyFridayButton

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