July 16, 2011

Something NEW and Unique

I got this pattern from the Inner Hooker and just love it. I am always looking for something unique for my shop and this is nothing like what I have seen really before. This Bee hat goes on the babies head and then the Bee bottom goes right on their "bottom". So cute even with a stinger. I am just in love with it and cant wait to get it photographed. It's called Bee Hat and Tush Topper. I already have in my head some other things you can do like maybe a Zebra, a bird with feathers on the tail. What do you think can be done with this one? Love to hear your comment.

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July 8, 2011

Where Have I Been??

I have been gone so long that I dont even know where to start. I am sorry to any fans that have missed me. I got busy with work and I have been working on some great things for my Etsy Shop... If you have not been by in awhile stop by and see what is new. I have a few pictures here to show you some of the things. I have so many new things in the works, I am even starting on Halloween, Fall and Christmas. I have been working hard and not really having much time for anything else, but I miss blogging. So I will make a promise to get back into it at least a few times a week. I am even over 1000 fans on my Facebook Page, when I get to 1500 HUGE giveaway in the works. Would you like to be a vendor?? Comment if interested.

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April 29, 2011

Another Day Another Amazing Photographer

I do Adore these Hooded Baby Cocoons and when I saw this yarn I just had to make one. Now that I see it all together and a beautiful baby in it. I think that we work so hard and try our best to create something out of love and put our all in it. I know when I crochet I have spent many nights taking things apart and starting all over because maybe one stitch is not right. I always put 150 percent into anything I do and that includes my crafts. My thinking is that I would not make something that I would not use on my own baby or child. With that said that is how I feel Sarah from Sarah Crank Photography works. She did the most amazing job on these pictures and she put her all in them as I would put my all in the products she used. I could not have asked for anything better and I am in amazement every time I look at them. Thank you so much Sarah. I look forward to working with you again!!

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April 28, 2011

Cant get enough of these amazing pictures....

Another day of some wonderful pictures that I just cant stop looking at. I decided to try out a Mini Blanket Photo Prop and it just turned out adorable. I just love it and I made it out of some fluffy yarn so that it would look nice and fluffy and textured in the pictures. It works up nice and thick and makes a good padding to lay the baby on if you are just using a flat service. It is good to put in a prop like a bowl or basket. It is always good to use to swaddle the baby with. The blanket is 20 inches by 20 inches and a perfect size to be used in various ways. I am just so happy how it turned out and cant think of anything I would change about it. I think it would even look good in some other types of yarns too. What do you think? Thank you to Sarah from Sarah Crank Photography for her most beautiful breath taking pictures!!

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April 27, 2011

Been a Good Day!

I have had such a good day today, actually a pretty good week. Monday was my day off and I spent the whole day away from the computer. I even went to play bingo with my husband and some friends. Something I have not done in a long time. Tuesday I did laundry and cleaned and finished up some orders that I got out today. Today I woke up to a busy day. Did my first class of Yoga, signed up my 4 year old for her first dance classes that start tomorrow. Ran some errands, had some yummy mexican food for lunch with my husband, took a nap, and when I woke up from my nap I had some really good surprises. I had these new pictures that Casey From Chasing Lilies Photography did for me of my New Owl Hats. I just love the job she did and she sent me tons of pictures. Another one of my surprises was another adorable hat that I made for Amber from Cross My Heart Designs. I didnt even know that she was sending me them. Her daughter is so adorable and the pictures turned out just perfect. I love this NEW Beanie with Loopy Flower in such bright spring colors.

So today started out well and my
little surprises just made it tha
t much better. I am so excited because tomorrow is another tentative photo shoot from another wonderful photographer and I cant wait to see what she comes up with. Thank you so much to Both Casey and Amber. I look forward to working with you further and seeing more of your beautiful work.

I am hoping for the rest of the week to go so well and keeping my spirits high and my thoughts positive. Summer is
right around the corner and I am really looking forward to spending some time with the kids and creating some really cute stuff. Even working up a flyer and putting it in some Boutiques around my city. A week ago I was going to give up, today I am not so sure.

I really LOVE this picture. I hope that you have a great week too and stop by my blog or Etsy Store any time.

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April 21, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award and New Photo Prop

NEW Baseball Photo Prop.. Got this picture this week. Thank you Kristen from Kristen Walters Photography

I am so excited that I received the Versatile Blogger Award not once but twice in one day. I am so excited and it really did bring a smile to my face. I have had a rough week
and this really just made things so much better for me. I wanted to Thank Rachel from Our Creative Hands Blog and Lisa from My Colorful Treasures Latest Breaking News Blog for giving me this award. Rachel is a very talented woman that does primitive crafts and much more and Lisa is an amazing web designer and graphic artist that has done all of the work you see here on my blog along with the work on my twitter and Etsy stores. Sending a huge thank you to both of you.

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who awarded you.
Divulge 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 discovered bloggers.7 Things About Me:

1.) I am a mom of four wonderful children that are smart and talented and amaze me every day. I have three adorable step daughters that have been a part of my life since they were little and I adore them as my own.

2.) I love to craft and create. I love crocheting new things for both babies and children.

3.) I am a huge animal lover and wish that I could save all the animals of the world.

4.) If I could have any job it would be to own my own bakery

5.) I am shy and have been all of my life. I might seem to be outgoing but it takes me awhile

6.) I love anything chocolate and anything lemon just not together.

7.) Family is everything to me. It is very important that I keep them close and that when my kids grow up they all stay close too.

15 Blogs That I feel Deserve This Versatile Blogger Award:
Hummmm..... this is a tough one!!

1. Bree from What Matters Most.
2. Jeannette from Crafty Hippo Designs


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April 20, 2011

Sorry I have been missing in action

Hi, sorry I have been missing in action lately. I have been working on some new ideas, and a new Etsy Store with my mom called Two Generation Designs along with my This-n-That Boutique Etsy Store. Our store has some really cute bow holders and some really cute wooden signs and teacher signs. Together we are working on creating a store that has more then just the photo props that I have been focusing on. I do enjoy working with my mother. I have been watching her craft since I was a kid and she taught me so much about color and I guess I picked up a thing or two a long the way. In the meantime while we build up that store I am still working on building up my store. I LOVE the way that the pictures are turning out and I love the way that things are working for me. I am finally getting sales and getting them worked up and shipped out. I am so excited to get some new things that I have found along the way that I want to try and hope that I can build up my fan base on my Facebook Fan Page. I have so many ideas in my head and so many new things to make up.. first got to finish up my orders and get those out. Then on to the new stuff. Thank you to Crystal from Crystal Bright Photography for the beautiful picture.

Things have been crazy in my house on a personal level. Spring break was busy and I didnt have much extra free time. I worked 60 hours a week, crocheted a ton, and spent the rest of the time with the kids, housework, laundry, and well I have to say that I love when the kids are home, but I do like the time of the day when I clean the house once and it stays that way for at least 6 hours while they are in school. I hope I am not the only one that feels that way. I have learned a few things about my self the past few weeks, and I have had to over come some heartache and some sadness. But the excitement of my Etsy store doing okay is picking up my spirits a bit and making me focus on the positive and things that are good. not the negative and things that are bad. I am now looking into creating a flyer with some of the amazing pictures that my photographers have made up for me and taking those to local stores and boutiques. Have you ever done that? How is your Spring Break?

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April 12, 2011

Rawr... New Photo Prop to Share

Okay well I have been waiting to share this one with you. I have so many ideas in my head and they are just swimming around. Work and kids get in the way sometimes of my creative time, but I am trying to come up with some great things to share and this cute little hat is one of them. This is the NEW Crochet Dino Hat with a Tail in Newborn. The colors for this one are Denim Blue and Olive Green Spikes. I just love it and I have so many other things that I am thinking about. I can already picture this in so many colors. Thank you again to Amanda and Amanda Thompson Photography for the beautiful picture.

So it is Spring Break this week for half my kids, the other half go next week and so there is a week of some kids in school and some not. That can be crazy. I thought that it would be good so that I can get much more done while they are on break, but then again now I have more messes to clean and more meals to make during the day. It think I was crazy to think I would have more time not less. That is okay because they at least are entertaining my 4 year old enough to make her want to go to bed at night at a decent hour. I cant believe the school year is going by so fast. Where is the time going? What are you doing on your Spring Break?

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April 9, 2011

Things are getting exciting...

I had to share this picture from a happy customer and it just excites me so much to see my items in action. This baby is Genesee and she is 8 months and her mom bought the Flower Diaper Cover set with Matching Headband and LOVED it. I have been working hard to bring people to my Etsy Store and trying to work on new projects and new items every day. With the kids on Spring Break the next two weeks I am very excited to get some orders finished up and start on some new things that I have never done before. I have made up a few things that are off to the photographers this week that I will share when I get pictures. Kelly from Kelly Ross Photography has done some beautiful work on my other items I know she will produce wonderful pictures again. I have some other new items that I sent to Amanda from Amanda Thompson Photography and cant wait to see the pictures when she gets them done. Juggling working full time, kids, house, and my crochet work picking up has left me with less blogging time, but I promise to work on things more and get here more to blog. With 7 kids and a full house, you would think I have plenty to say. My 4 year old is starting dance this month and I am so excited for her, she needs the interaction with other kids her age. Summer is coming and I have so many plans for daytime fun with the kids. I cant wait for it to heat up. Now I just have to get my butt back to the gym and get ready myself. How do you handle a busy schedule? Any tips on better time management for me? Have a great Sunday.

PS. My mom and I started a new Etsy Store together Stop by its new but growing every day. P.P.S Did you see the new function on Etsy Stores that you can "like" the page?? So excited dont forget to stop by and "like" Mine This-n-That Boutique Etsy

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