December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 Out With The Old In With The New

I am ready for a new year. I know that last year at this time I made some goals that well to be honest I didnt follow through with. So this year I am making only small goals that I should be able to handle this time. Or lets hope I can. I know that it's a trend to jump on the weight loss bandwagon but this year its last step I need to overcome to get healthier. For 2010 things that I have done but didnt have on my goal list for the year were I quit smoking, I am trying to get 6 hours sleep a night instead of the 4 I was getting, I am trying to do more family functions, I am taking more pictures of the kids and family, and I cut way back on energy drinks. For 2011 I had said this every year that I must lose weight, well this year is the year. I am tired of being unhappy to look in the mirror and it is eating at me. So Goal number 1. this year I want to lose weight my long term goal is 80 pounds not sure if I can do that in a year but I will do my best. Goal number 2. To have that 30 product samples done in the next few months to get my website up by the spring. Goal number 3. To spend less time working ( I currently put in about 65 hours a week) and more time with kids, family, and well if I had any friends that were physically in my city and not online I would spend time with them too. Goal number 4. Finish my blog. Well have my web designer finish my blog. Goal number 5. Learn to have fun again. I have lost that along the way when I became the responsible mom type. LOL I think that these are realistic goals. I am hoping they will happen because I have not finished a New Years Goal as I call them in forever now. I really want to make this happen this year.
So I am sitting at home tonight well working. My husband works graveyard so he is off to work tonight, and I have my step daughters and my youngest. My older kids are at their dad's trying to convince him to stay up all night with them. I am trying to live with what my mom said, that the state of mind you are in at midnight will be your state of mind all year long. So my goal is to get really positive and happy in the next well few hours here. LOL I cant remember the last time I went out and had a good time for New Years's but here is where the positive attitude comes in. At least I am home safe and not out with those that tend to be a little wild and crazy. I dont have to worry about drunk drivers and I can enjoy my Corona on the comfortable spot on my couch. Happy New Year and Thank you to all my followers I have gained this year. I hope to gain many more in the new year to come.

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