August 30, 2010

So excited! Need your help

Its Monday and well the start of my week is not that great but I do have something exciting to share and to ask your opinion about. I need my followers help because most of you have more experience in this then I do. Lisa from My Colorful Web Design created some new Social Icons for me to match my twitter page, my eBay Store, and well my soon to be blog make over. I have to say she is so wonderful.. but I chose the bigger ones, and she did make smaller ones. I need to know what you all think. I like the bigger ones, but are they too big?? I need your help and comments to help me decide. What do you think of my social icons on my right side bar. I cant wait to hear from you.

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August 29, 2010

Blog Hopping Sunday I've Been Featured!

I have been featured on Shibley Smiles by Colleen and The life of Rylie and Bryle too by Lee Ann . Colleen and Lee Ann do a Relax and Surf Sunday Blog Hop and I am the Featured Blog today. I feel so excited and so grateful and excited to bring new people to my blog and to get to know me. I am hoping to build my blog into one that you want to return to and read on a regular basis. I had really wanted to have my crochet purse I am designing done by today so I can post a picture for my feature day, but it didnt happen, I am going to try to have it done by the end of the day, so please check back. If not today it will be here this week, and I will have a poll on it to find out opinions. Thanks for stopping by, happy Sunday and have a relaxing good day...

BWS tips button

I am always looking for new followers on Twitter and I just ran across this so happy to join this Sunday Twitter Hop given by Between the Lines. Hop on over and check out her blog.
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August 27, 2010

The start of the introductions...

I wanted to get a little more personal with my blog so I thought I would take the time to introduce my family to you and yes that does include the animals. This is my dog "Zeus" He is a Great Dane and he looks a bit small here in the picture,but I promise you he is not that is more then half the love seat he is taking up. lol. He was born October 3rd and will be three this year. He is the protector because well "Hubby" has to work nights and so the dog is here to make sure we are safe. He loves the kids and we have had him since he was a puppy. He is a big baby and loves attention. If you know anything about great dane's you know they have to have social interaction with people. He follows us around the house, wont go outside alone, and since I spoiled him when he was a puppy, I have to sit outside with him during every meal or he wont eat his food. Well there is his intro and dont worry more pictures to come so you can see his true size.. Pin It

Welcome To Surfin Social Saturday

PhotobucketIt is Surfin Saturday and that is one of my favorite days of the week. This week I have to do some work, but normally I like Saturday's because that is my day to surf the thrift stores and find some great deals and fun finds. I wont be doing that this Saturday but I will be Surfing the net for some new blogs to follow and some new ideas for some projects for my Etsy Store. Hope that you have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy your Surfin too.
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Friday Blog Hop and TGIFwhy are you smiling?

BoostMyBlogFridayFriendly Friday Button
It is Friday and when school is in session for the kids I normally really look forward to Friday's because of the weekend of two days that I dont have to rush around and get them all to school or pick them up at different times, but for some reason even in the summer I have looked forward to a Friday. I think its just a comfort thing that "oh good Friday is here" but now school is starting again in a week and a half, baseball practice and games are starting again and we will be back to the on the go lifestyle. so here is a salute to TGIF and I will be posting a bit of why I am smiling on Friday along with my blog hop. I did steal the why are you smiling from a local radio station they do it every Friday. I will invite those that comment on my blog hop as to Why Are You Smiling. And maybe if it does well I will start a Why Are You Smiling Friday Blog Hop lol. Have a great day! I am smiling because my crochet project should be done this weekend.

P.S I found a Fan Page Follow For Facebook while Hopping today, and I am always looking for ways to get more fan's since my page is new and a bit boring. If you need some new fans and love to blog hop, lets Facebook page hop together.

If you like my blog please stop by and Vote for me here:
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August 26, 2010

Blog Giveaways

And then there were 4
I am really hoping to give my blog a make over soon and when I do that I want to get into the giveaway blogging that so many are doing, I love to give things to others and share what things that I find. Right now Jessica from And Then There Were 4 is having a great giveaway on a cookbook for kids. I have so many kids, but they all are really starting to show interest in learning how to cook and I would love this cook book. SO I thought that I would pass on the news of her giveaway so that maybe one of my readers could enter and maybe win too. SO hop over to her blog enter to win and you never know.
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Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

For The Love Of 4
This blog hop is hosted by
Obviously MARvelous & For The Love Of 4
I am really enjoying blog hopping and meeting others and hope that you will enjoy blog hopping with me. I have come to find some really great blogs and I cant wait to find more. I love reading other peoples ideas, and stories and know that there are others out there that do the same things as I do. Before blogging the best conversation I had was with my 3 year old Toddler. lol Here is how it works.

1. Follow your 2 hostesses: Obviously MArvelous and For The Love of 4
(We both follow back!)
2. Leave a comment below to let me know you're a new follower with a link to follow you back!
3. Link up your blog on the Linky Below
4. Copy and paste the Thirsty Thursday button in a blog post or on your sidebar
5. Click other links on the Linky and follow some new friends

~Obviously MARvelous~

I'm Marcie (aka MAR) from Obviously MARvelous! My blog offers a look at my life as an outspoken, funny, tattooed wife and SAHM of 3 as well as some wonderful product reviews and giveaways! Please have a look around and enter a giveaway or two!


~For The Love Of 4~

I'm Claudia from For The Love Of 4. My blog is filled with funny stories, loving moments and great reviews. I am a mother to 4 wonderfully blessed sanity suckers and a wife to my hubsof 8 years. Stop by take a look and say hello.

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August 24, 2010

Time for a little re-arrange (Follow Me Wednesday)

Today my goal is to re-arrange the "little" girls room. There are 3 girls in this room and they are the youngest 3 so you can imagine the clutter and toys and just a mess. I recently got them a new computer desk that I got at a thrift store for $7.00. I love it but its the wrong color. I need to refinish it and make it white, but for the mean time its in the room because the computer was on the floor. Now its so unorganized in this room you cant even see the floor. No room to walk or move. So I am posting before pics, and when I am done I will post after pics. Next week challenge will be to refinish the dresser and the desks to all be white to match. Good luck to me. Any pointers?? I have never refinished furniture, only watched my mom do it for years.

Update on the room re-arrange: I spent my whole morning moving the furniture around only to end up with a flip and a flop of the desk and the dresser. Then pushing the bed over some to make corner space, and putting some things in the closet and throwing out the broken toys to make room for other toys in the toy tubs. I spent hours, but really the room is so small with so much furniture not a lot of options. I think that once I re-finish the dresser and the desks that are in there I will feel better about it. We will see how that goes. I will keep you updated.
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Hoo Are you?

1. Do you prefer to write in cursive or print?
2. Do you prefer to shop online or go out and actually
go to the stores?
3. Would you prefer to go camping or stay in a motel?
4. Do your prefer going to the movies or staying
home to watch one?
5. Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

Here are my answers!

1. Do you prefer to write in cursive or print?
I print and cursive at the same time. LOL a little bit of both even when I sign my name.
2. Do you prefer to shop online or go out and actually go to the stores?
I like to shop online because its easier with 7 kids, shopping is not always a fun time. But then again I love to get out of the house and I have to admit I am a thrift store junkie so I will say both.
3. Would you prefer to go camping or stay in a motel?
Motel all the way, I have to many kids to be roughing it. LOL

4. Do your prefer going to the movies or staying home to watch one?
I cant remember the last movie that I saw in a theater. I get mine on demand or from Red Box and watch them at home with my popcorn, diet coke and the kids to bed.
5. Do you prefer a shower or a bath?
Who has time for a bath, 5 minutes and someone is knocking on the door needing something..

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Tuesday Blog Hop

Tiffany over at Fabulous Finds is having a Tuesday blog hop. It is her first one and she is co-hosting with two other blogs. I am just getting into these blog hops and invite you to check her blog out and hop around to other blogs that you may find interesting and meet new friends... Happy Hopping. Pin It

August 22, 2010

The Pool Is Up

It might have taken the whole summer but hey the pool is up and ready to be used now bring on the heat of the summer. Strange in sunny San Diego it really has not been that hot in East County. So we finally got the ground level, the pool up, filled, leaky pumps fixed, and they are ready to enjoy. We usually use the one that is like a big bubble top and last year the Great Dane chased the cat in and the cat popped it. This year we decided to go with the metal frame. So for the next 2 weeks we will be living outside, well they will be and me and my laptop will be sitting at the table watching them as they splash about... and this is only half my crew. More pics to come when the other half the crew is home.

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Relax it's Sunday

BWS tips button
Welcome to Relax & Surf Sunday, with your hostesses The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! and Shibley Smiles! This is a great blog hop for everyone to make new friends! You can find some new blogs to check out, and also get your blog out there and gain some new followers.

Here are the rules...

Wait, there are no rules! That is the whole point behind "Relax & Surf". We just want you to relax, and surf around as much as you want to. You don't have to make a post. You don't have to post our button. You don't even have to follow us. Of course we hope you like our blogs and will want to follow us, and we WILL follow back! Just add your blog to our linky at the bottom of this post, and visit as many blogs as you would like to. If you decide to follow a new blog, make sure you leave them a comment so they will know you are following them.

Each week we will randomly select one blog from the previous week's entries to be our featured blog for that week. If that blog happens to be yours, you will get a cute little button to display on your blog, and you will also get the #3 spot for that week!

Our Featured Blogger this week is Traci66


Hello, My name is Traci and I am the host of Traci66. I have been blogging only since March 2010, but love my new hobby. My sister Terra @ Heck of a Bunch got me started. She was having to much fun and I wanted in on the fun. On Tuesdays I host Tell Me More Tuesday, this is a hop where I ask 5 ?s, you answer and post, link up and start hopping. On Thursday I have a giveaway link up. Also on Thursday I co-host Keepin' Company Thursdays with my sis. I enjoy doing reviews and giveaways. I absolutely love blog hops. I have found several great blogs to follow this way and have gotten some great followers too. I have been married for 28 years, we have 3 grown children and a 6 year old son. We are the proud grandparents of 4 and 1 more due to arrive in Nov. I want to thank Shibley Smiles and The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! for giving me the opportunity to be in spot #3. I hope you will come for a visit and maybe become a follower. I will follow back. Have a Great Sunday,

Happy Hopping,~~Traci

Link up below and have fun! Thanks for stopping by Pin It

August 21, 2010

Wacky Jacqui Design's and a ramble from me

I love to search for new backgrounds for my blog. If you follow me eventually you will see that I change it a lot, its really because I hate how it looks when every one else has such as cute professional blogs. So for the time being until I have a professional one done, I like to change it up. Well to my point Jacqui from Wacky Jacqui designs is having a launch party for her website. She is giving away some great things and does some beautiful work. You should stop by and pay her a visit.
My other ramble is I am so excited. I have been reading other peoples blogs and I am going to get more personal with mine, tell you about me and my crew, but for now I have to say THANK YOU to those that left me comments. I have never had them before and it feels go to know someone stopped by. I am doing the happy dance tonight for sure... Pin It

Blog Bash/Twitter Party Repost this and you could win $100 Cash!!

Blogmania bloggers are all about building relationships -between our blogs, our cherished readers, the online community and business owners. We value each other's opinion as we all are endeavoring to make the best
choices for our home life. So it seemed natural to partner up with The LaneReal Estate Team and Breebee's blog to bring you our first ever twitter and blog blast party. The Lane RealEstate Team is all about building relationships through communities - specializing in Kennewick Homes for Sale. And Bree is a blogger - and a mom - trying to think outside of the box and help build community ties in NW ColumbusOH via her Macaroni Kid event website! Our other twitter party sponsors also offer items to help strengthen and maintain relationships - from stationary to hand stamped sentiments.

Our Party Theme: "Building toward Blogmania with The Lane Real Estate
Team" []

Info on the Blog Blast:

If you post on your blog(s) our announcement between now and the twitter party
you will be entered to win $100 cash. If we reach 500 blogs there will be two additional $50 drawings, totaling 3 winners!

You can email me, or for the HTML code for blog(s) links and some posting specific OR ask the post owner for info and that blog owner will provide you an HTML code.

Please return with your specific blog post links on Bree's Blog, under her
Twitter Party PAGE tab.

Info on the Twitter Party:

Aug 22, 9:30-10:30pm, Sunday, EST we will party!

There is a custom tweet grid (if you want it) and a linky for early RSVP. RSVP'ing early also enters you into special drawings. You do not have to RSVP to tweet and win but the 'extra' will not be available.

You can win both the blog blast and at the
twitter party!

RSVP at BreeBee's

{Breebee's sent me this post to re-post, would you like to repost for the chance to win $100? Ask me for the code; anyone you refer to post will gain you an extra entry into the drawing} Pin It

Fall Frenzy Giveaway


All in 1 day we'll be giving away over $2200 in Prizes!
We'll post 3 New Giveaways EVERY HOUR!
You'll have 24 hours to enter each giveaway!


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August 19, 2010

Follow Friday

Welcome to the 14th edition of Hop Along Friday, hosted by My New Life As Mom,Chubby Cheeks Thinks, Take A Mom's Word For It, This Adventure Our Life and Belly Charms!

Please feel free to follow through and link up to facebook and twitter accounts as well once you get on someone's page, but please only link your blog up, here. As always, we continue to invite you and your friends to link up every Friday and join us for a wonderful blog hopping adventure! We're all about making friends and having fun so come join us!

You can still be rewarded for participating! Each week we will use to pick a "featured blog" of the week from the previous weeks link ups! Want your blog featured? Then you have to link up! Here's how you can join in on the fun;
  • Link up to your blog using our inlinkz link list, below.
  • Follow the host/hostesses located in the first 5 slots.
  • Follow any other blogs that you feel appropriate! :)
  • If you get a new follower, please feel free to reciprocate the love!
This is a new list every Friday, so please remember to come back and link up!

We understand that not everyone has time to follow and comment on every Hop Along Friday Participant, just do what you can and are willing to do. We will do the same! Take your time and go at your own pace. FYI, however, if you follow me and leave a comment, guaranteed, I will follow you back!
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EHome Delivery Pre-Launch

EHome Delivery is your source for online wholesale grocery shopping. EHome Delivery provides your groceries at wholesale prices with free shipping and no sales tax. EHome Delivery also provides you an opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home. Currently, EHome Delivery is 100% FREE to join during the pre-launch phase. The official launch date is September 15th. THIS IS A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY!

This is huge and growing fast. Be the first to share
this opportunity with your family & friends
before they share it with you...

EHome Delivery Facts
100% FREE during Prelaunch
No Credit Card Required
Official Launch Date: September 15th
Free Website and Back Office (during pre-launch)
Free Shipping
No Sales Tax
Distribution Center: Kansas City, MO
Training and Support Provided
Weekly Pay
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Hot Deals Of The Week! Lucky Brand Jeans

This week I have a great deal on Lucky Brand Jeans. This is a brand new pair of jeans and they still have the tag on the leg. they are size 29 and are Mid Rise Flare. These Jeans can retail for over $100 dollars and This-n-That Boutique has them for less then a fourth of that. Dont miss out on this deal and come and take a LOOK! Pin It

August 17, 2010

Luis Vuitton Question for the day?

I am really trying to get my eBay off the ground and start selling things that I have in my closet that I just dont use or that I never will use. I also like to shop deals and share what I find. I have a question for the day. I was given this purse that was said to be a Luis Vuitton. When I went to post it on eBay I did some research about different markers to tell when Louis Vuitton is fake or real. There is a code on this purse but not like the ones that I found on the websites, its only digits not numbers and digits. it is 92675. SO I didnt post it as a Louis Vuitton, I dont want to sell a fake item. I was out this weekend getting some clothing at thrift stores and I saw a LV bag and checked for the codes with nothing. This bag was even brown and gold and looked like a true Louis bag, so what am I doing wrong and where is this code that I am not seeing?? Any comments would be helpful... please. Pin It

August 12, 2010


There is nothing better on a long hot summer day, than being able to wear your sexy sandals and show off your tender tootsies. Only problem is, most winters mean our feet are trapped in socks and shoes, and are lacking the pampering that they so badly deserve. With these new Pedicure Sugar Scrubs from Simply Tempted you cant go wrong with your feet and the price is just right. I would recommend them to anyone that likes to do a bit of pampering of themselves and trying to save money by doing it from home. Click HERE to buy now. Pin It

August 7, 2010

IM CREW Paid to read articles in Pre-Launch

There is a new way to make money online, a pre-launch of IMCREW is happening right now. You will be able to earn money for reading articles, but right now they are in pre-launch until August 12th. For the time being you can earn a 10 dollar sign up bonus. Payments are made through paypal. Come take a look,sign up is FREE! Dont miss out on this opportunity before it launches. Pin It

August 3, 2010

Buy Text Links Ads, to boost your search engine traffic

If you blog, you probably try to make money from contextual advertisement such as Google Adsense.
I recently signed up with Ask2Link to sell non-intrusive text based (links) ads on my website. With Ask2Link,
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Ask2Link is a web advertising company located in San Francisco Bay Area, California.
You don't need to live in the U.S.A or Canada though to make money with Ask2Link, since they send all paychecks through PayPal, so you will need to have a valid PayPal account. They accept international publishers (webmasters and bloggers) throughout the world.

They support Wordpress-powered blogs, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JSP, and also and Blogs so sign up now with Ask2Link.

Buy and Sell - text links - in blogs or websites

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August 1, 2010

IM Shopping is Hiring

If you love to shop like I do then this is going to be such fun for you. IM Shopping is looking for people that love to shop and make money doing it. Sign up is free, you shop for others online and guess what they pay you. You cant beat a job like that now can you? So if you want to check it out visit IM Shopping. It will be worth the visit.

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Focused and Ready

I am really getting focused now and going to get back into doing things online to make some extra money. I thought that I would try to post here about each think that I try and then post my payment proof as well so that others can see if they are doing well or not. The first one that I am going to try is MyLikes. You just sign up for free and you post things to your twitter and facebook and you get paid for when people click on the link you send out. Seems pretty simple right? Lets give it a try and see how it goes, I will update you. If you want to try it with me, that would be great!

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