March 31, 2011

Started off bad... Ending on a better note

Yes I am talking about my week. I have been working from home for about 4 years now and so I got a new laptop about 3 years ago so that I could have a reliable computer and not have to worry I paid good money from it. I got it from Alienware which is meant for gaming but I wanted the space and the speed. Well about a year ago it was running really slow so someone told me to back everything up and re-install windows. It was pretty simple to do. On Tuesday, that is my Monday I loaded up my computer to begin work and nothing. I could get on the internet and that was it. Then It would not even boot up. I was so upset and so frustrated. I had a friend just tell me she got a virus and it did the same thing. I was completely lost. I had to re-install windows all over again this time with no backup. I lost all documents, pictures, and anything that I had not saved in an email or some pictures that I have uploaded to Facebook. Just was not a good start to my week since I work from home full time and my crochet life is on my computer. Every pattern I own is on there. I could not work and I could not crochet from patterns. But the week started to get a little better when I got some new pictures.. The first was from Kelly at Kelly Ross Photography. She did such an amazing job on the Hello Kitty hat picture. That is her sweet daughter that would not give it up once she hat it on. The second picture was one that I was not even expecting. Amanda from Amanda Thompson Photography sent me this one of my favorite Elf hat with Pom Pom. So the week did get better and today I sold two things in one day. That is a first for me and I am loving my Flower Diaper Cover and headband set. It is selling so well and I am looking forward to getting some different colors worked up and photographed. And the last good thing for the week is that Jeannette from Crafty Hippo Designs featured my Etsy store on her blog. This was a complete surprise. I was not even expecting it and she just sent me an email to let me know. You should check out her blog. It is very cute and she has advertising space available too. I want to have my project list done before Spring Break so that I can spend some time with the kids. Wish me luck, and have a great weekend.


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March 24, 2011

The picture says it all....

Not to much creating this week, I just have been busy doing other things around the house and well for some reason work, kids, and life have taken up all my time to create. I am looking forward to the weekend to come up with some wonderful new props and hats to share. I thought I would share this beautiful picture of my Crochet Flower Diaper Cover and matching Headband by Tam Magdaleno. I do love her work it is just beautiful. I think that the picture brings the set to life and I cant stop looking at it. LOL I will be making more of this set in pink, yellow, and what other color would you like to see? I just adore it and I cant wait to get some more done this weekend, or well maybe next week. SO I would love your comments on what colors you would like to see this set in so I can get my fingers moving. Happy Friday


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March 22, 2011

I know that Breast Cancer Awareness month is not until October but my sister and my second cousin are walking in the 3 day this year in November. So they asked me to come up with a beanie to wear while training in the cold morning and when the walk comes. I added it to my Etsy Store for others that may be interested since I had some other ask when I posted it on my Facebook Page. This is what I ended up with. I am trying the adult size on my daughter so it is a little big. But other then that what do you think?

Rachel over at Our Creative Hands is having the best giveaway on some really cute primitive Bunnies. She is even looking for opinions on which bunny is the most popular by viewers choice. She is trying to get to 100 blog followers. Please stop by and check her out and follow her blog. She has more then just bunnies, her work is amazing in primitive dolls, woodwork, and signs.

My Wednesday Day Hoo Are You Questions.
1. Have you ever had a professional massage before? Yes once time I got a gift certificate for a spa.
2. When drinking bottled water do you have a preference on which brand you drink? I drink anything cold
3. What is your favorite kind of soup? Cream of Broccoli
4. Do you have a preference on which Kleenex brand you use? Just something soft.
5. What is your favorite breakfast food? Oatmeal with fruit

Happy Wednesday.

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March 21, 2011

I have been featured....

So excited to that I have been featured this week on The Girl Creative. Oh and did I mention that there is a giveaway going on this week for one item from my Etsy Store of your choice. You should check out her blog and enter the giveaway. It just started today so you have plenty of time to still get your entries in. Going to be working on a lot of things this week so stay tuned on some new items.... and in the next few weeks I will have tons more items added to my Etsy Store as I am lining up some wonderful Photographers to tell you all about and take beautiful pictures of my hand crochet photo props and baby items. Pictures are of a few things I made this weekend. One is a Ruffle Diaper Cover in Beautiful Spring colors with a headband to match for my mom to give as a baby gift and the other is me playing with some bulkier yarns. Nice spring beanie. Have a great Monday.

The Girl Creative

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March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's fingers still busy.

I have been trying to work on something every day as a theme. I did Monkey hats and made 3 then today I decided I would do 3 Hello Kitty Hats. Normally I just do the no Ear Flap because I think they are so cute for the older girls but I decided to try with ear flaps. I am going to add the ear flap one to my Etsy store because I got a lot of people saying they liked that one. I am Sooooo excited to get these off to the photographers to see how they turn out. I am really getting excited about my business. I was even accepted for a HUGE craft show and that was just amazing to me since I have always thought my items were so over populated how can I stand out. Have you ever felt that way? Have you wondered how you will make a name for yourself?
Daily Personal note, Today was St Patrick's day and well in my house we make Corned Beef and Cabbage and it is a tradition. Tonight we were supposed to have friends over so they backed out but my husband cooked 2 crockpots full, 2 on the stove top and 2 in the oven. That is 6 corned beef. OMG it was so yummy but you can only eat so much. Even us as a family of 9 sharing with the Great Dane cant eat that much. So I have been going over ideas in my head of ways to use the left overs. Any ideas? Happy St Patrick's Hope yours was full of luck.


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March 15, 2011

Fingers have been busy..

Happy Wednesday, I have been busy with fast fingers working on some new hats and some things for some new photographers. I LOVE the monkey hat it is one of my favorites, and wait until you see this Jester curls hat on a baby. They are so cute. I cant wait until I get them to the photographers and get pictures back. I have so many more to make and just cant wait to share them with you.

On a personal note, my 4 year old is growing up so fast. She learned how to put the Just Dance 2 in the Wii all by herself and just dances for hours and is not that bad. Now she has something to do while mommy works and crochets. hehe Have a great Wednesday.

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