December 14, 2010

This is what happens when I try to multi task....

Hi everyone, its my "Monday" and while I was away from my computer I did all the laundry, ironed all my husbands work shirts, I rearranged the pots and pans so I can find the pans that go with the right lid. I finished some Christmas shopping for a few people and I dont suggest taking any amounts of kids out shopping in the next 11 days until Christmas. I took 4 of the girls with me and we went to 4 stores. By the last store I almost bought a box of hair dye to color my hair dark to cover the gray. I heard one woman say " I remember those days" as my three year old is crying in the cart because I wont let her out so she can walk around and put things in the cart that she wants. I got one lady saying "That is why I leave my kids at home during this time of year" while again my three year old was laying on the floor of the store telling me how tired her feet were and she needed a toy to make her feel better. I didnt think I was going to make it out alive. I wrapped half my gifts, and finished one of my projects on my list of "To Do" for crafts. So tonight I work until 2am so I thought I would crochet while I work and knowing that I have to bake a few dozen chocolate chip cookies after work for my son's Winter Show tomorrow morning I thought I would start a new project. I was working, crocheting and watching the good wife. Trying to multi task which I am okay at, I have 7 kids I have to multi task but I never said I was good. SO I get half way done with my project and the yarn tension is getting tighter. I go to pull on it to loosen it a bit and I look over and what do I see. These cute cat eyes with my yarn in her paws and yes you do see she chewed it in half. I never get the TV it is on Sprout and Noggin 24 hours a day, but I happen to catch a night that all the kids were asleep so I turned on one of my favorites. I was so into "The Good Wife" and my work I never even noticed. That is what I get for multi tasking. I may be able to salvage it, if not I will have to start over. But Below you can see the one I did get done, check one off my list of 100 crafts to do. Happy Wednesday... P.S. Are you a good Multi Tasker?

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  3. Sounds like a crazy day of shopping! My cat gets into everything too...but she's just so cute, ha.
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