September 7, 2010

Tone It Up Tuesday

I was really worried to get on the scale this week, I really didnt feel like I had a good week at all. It was a long holiday weekend and well I guess I just felt like I had gained 10 pounds. To my surprise I lost 3 pounds so that was a good shock this morning. With my crazy schedule and my kids going back to school and their sports schedule's I decided that I would not do a drastic change or work out or anything like that. It has to be something that works for me that fits into my lifestyle so I decided to change my eating habits and change the food I put in my mouth. This week I cut out diet soda down to almost nothing. I switched to Iced Tea and water. Looks like that is a good change to start with. My next week goal is to not eat past 7pm which is usually our dinner time because of sports we always eat sort of on the late side. I work late hours and find myself eating all throughout the night. This week I am going to not eat anything or if I snack I will choose carrot sticks or fruit of some sort instead of the junk food and sometimes a whole meal that I have been doing. Lets see how that goes. I am thinking of setting goals like 10 pounds lost get a pedicure, then 20 pounds lost another treat. Anyone do that and think that it works for them?

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