September 17, 2010

My Mom Is Getting Back Into Crafts

When I was a kid my mom always did crafts and sold them to local stores in the area to make money so that she could stay home with us. She was so talented and did such beautiful work no matter what she made. Well she has found a local store here in our area that is still selling the primitive work that she loves to do. I have set her up with a web designer to get a website going and a store to sell online as well. I will keep that information updated when it is done, but for now I thought I would share a doll that she just finished. I thought it was so cute I could not pass it up. She has listed all of her items on her Facebook page so you can see all the wonderful things she is selling. This cute doll sells for only $29.95. So please tell me what you think. You know how much I love comments.

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