September 7, 2010

Make A Dessert Monday-A Day Late

I am going to try to make a dessert every Monday for the kids since that day is good for a few reasons. The first one is that all 7 kids are all back together after a few days away from each other. The Second I dont work on Monday's and can experiment with things. The third its Monday and well Monday's could always use a good dessert to end the day with. This past Monday I had promised the kids I would try a 3 layer cake. I have never tried that before so I decided to go with neapolitain. I did one chocolate layer, one strawberry and one vanilla. I wanted a simple vanilla frosting but I should have had more because I didnt have enough. And next time I think that I will go with a butter cream that is made from scratch, its thicker and holds up better. I made each cake one at a time. I cut the top of the strawberry since that was the center. I should have cut the vanilla too, but I will know better next time. I would also like to try make fillings for between the layers, I have never done that before. All in all I think that it turned out okay and the kids loved it. So I will be doing more of these and experimenting with new flavors and combo's to.

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