September 3, 2010

Next Introduction and Friday Blog Hop

My next introduction of my family is my youngest. You would think that it would be easy to just throw these up there, but with these 7 kids its hard to get pictures of them, I think I need a new camera that is what will help. Anyways, this is my youngest, she is the ours of mine, his and ours. This has been harder then I thought because I have been trying to think of cute names to give them for my blog and I am having a hard time with everyone but her. She is easy, she is definitely being the youngest and the "ours" she is Princess Diva. Her brother's and sister's give her anything she wants. She was born on January 4th, 2007 and I quit my job June 1st 2007 after being on a 3 month maternity leave for C-section and having a little extra time. Basically she has been hooked to my hip from day one. She is as her father says a "Curly Sue Irish Baby". She has the worst temper, very stubborn, and the biggest heart. I always complain she has no hair, but its so curly that it just looks that way. She says the funniest things and she has a mind of her own. She loves Littlest Pet Shop and every time she gets a treat that is what she picks. She must have 100 of them by now and still plays with them every day. She didnt go to preschool this year because she is the last one and we wanted her to stay home with me one more year. She doesnt really need it since she has so many older siblings they teach her every day. As frustrated as I get with her stubborn attitude sometimes, just writing this post and looking over at her as she plays with her animals in the dogs water bowl, I get the biggest smile. She is my Princess Diva through and through. Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend, and feel free to comment.
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