August 27, 2010

The start of the introductions...

I wanted to get a little more personal with my blog so I thought I would take the time to introduce my family to you and yes that does include the animals. This is my dog "Zeus" He is a Great Dane and he looks a bit small here in the picture,but I promise you he is not that is more then half the love seat he is taking up. lol. He was born October 3rd and will be three this year. He is the protector because well "Hubby" has to work nights and so the dog is here to make sure we are safe. He loves the kids and we have had him since he was a puppy. He is a big baby and loves attention. If you know anything about great dane's you know they have to have social interaction with people. He follows us around the house, wont go outside alone, and since I spoiled him when he was a puppy, I have to sit outside with him during every meal or he wont eat his food. Well there is his intro and dont worry more pictures to come so you can see his true size.. Pin It


  1. Aww I love great danes!

    I found your blog on Spotlight Saturday blog hop. Have a great day!

  2. Nice to meet you Zeus! :-) I have heard that great danes are wonderful dogs! And dogs won't go outside by themselves either.

    I was just writing up our post for Relax & Surf Sunday and decided to pop over to your blog. I'm so happy we are going to be able to feature you tomorrow. I am now following you all around on GFC, Facebook and Twitter.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Do people ever ask you if he's a greyhound? I have greyhounds and I get asked ALL the time if they are great danes!

  4. Did you know that a Great Dane is a mix of the Grey Hound and the Mastif?

  5. Thanks so much for the follow. I am following you back. Your blog is sooo adorable!!


  6. Thanks for the follow. I'm so glad we connected.
    I'm following back your awesome blog.

    Have a nice day!!!

  7. What a great photo of Zeus. I don't think I have ever seen a great dane looking that small before, LOL! Visiting from Shibley Smiles feature on you.

  8. I love Great Danes too! I love all dogs, especially big dogs. We have a boxer and he is my shadow. Follows me everywhere. Dogs definitely bring something special to the family!

  9. He's also snuggled up...too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog hop =)
    Love your blog colors (pink & brown) fav =)