August 17, 2010

Luis Vuitton Question for the day?

I am really trying to get my eBay off the ground and start selling things that I have in my closet that I just dont use or that I never will use. I also like to shop deals and share what I find. I have a question for the day. I was given this purse that was said to be a Luis Vuitton. When I went to post it on eBay I did some research about different markers to tell when Louis Vuitton is fake or real. There is a code on this purse but not like the ones that I found on the websites, its only digits not numbers and digits. it is 92675. SO I didnt post it as a Louis Vuitton, I dont want to sell a fake item. I was out this weekend getting some clothing at thrift stores and I saw a LV bag and checked for the codes with nothing. This bag was even brown and gold and looked like a true Louis bag, so what am I doing wrong and where is this code that I am not seeing?? Any comments would be helpful... please. Pin It

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