November 15, 2010

Just something I whipped up Today

I usually take Monday off from even touching the computer, it is my day to clean and bake and spend time with the kids since they are all here on Monday's but now that I am trying to work harder on crafting I will be visiting my blog and uploading pictures a little more on Monday's. For this reason I thought I would show you what I "whipped" up last night, the kids were asking me to make some headbands. I have 5 girls ranging from age 3 to 9 so I thought I would come up with something simple but still cute that they call could wear. Plus to be honest with you I have a HUGE bucket of scrap material that I could not for the life of me think of something to do with it. So this worked out good for all of us. The girls were so excited to wear them to school today and they were already asking if we could make more when they got home from school. So I guess my idea worked out. I was thinking about it last week, but people told me not to put the flower on a skinny headband and I did it anyways. I think it worked out okay. You be the judge and tell me what you think? If I get at least 10 comments I will give one away using on Wednesday. I also put a flower on a clip to. So please comment away and give some opinions.

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  1. They are cuties!!! Plus your little model is adorable ^_^ Nice ribbons!!!

  2. Those are beautiful! What a great way to use up scraps. I made some headbands with crocheted flowers for a baby shower gift. (Crocheted flowers were ordered from Etsy, since I don't crochet). They were a big hit!


  3. Very cute! Are you going to post a tutorial?

  4. Cute! Thanks for the thought; I am always looking for fun new projects to make from scraps.
    (Sewing and Growing)

  5. Too cute! Now following from blog frog.

  6. very cute! if only my daughter would keep them in her hair.

    now following...