November 11, 2010

It's Friday Already...Can someone say Deja Vu?

I cant believe the week has gone by and I think I might have checked one thing off my weekly to do list. I think I walked around all week long with my head in a cloud of sinus congestion. My sleepless nights were from coughing not being productive that is for sure. So here we are my to do list in hand adding the items of last weeks to do list on top of it. I did get to go shopping today for some new supplies to make some new crafts and I am very excited to get working on those. I will be sure to post pictures of them when they are done. Look forward to those in December of 2011. While I was shopping I saw so many things from Mary Engelbreit. I love this time of year she has such cute journals and greeting cards for Christmas Time. They make great stocking stuffers too. Yes I am already thinking of Christmas Shopping and Thanksgiving is not even here yet. Speaking of Thanksgiving, that reminds me of house guest that will be stopping by and my house is so messy I cant believe this is my house. My husband left for work and actually asked "Do you plan on cleaning the house any time soon". As I smiled telling him to have a nice time at work I was thinking to myself, No I thought I would leave it this way. Maybe a kid will get lost in my piles of laundry. We have 7 we can afford to lose 1. Right? I moved that task to number ONE on the to do list. Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Hi, I'm passing by and following from "Fabulous Friday Follow".

    When you get a chance, please check out my blog and follow me back?


  2. points for not having a snarky response to the hubs! "yes- I was starting w/clearing out your closet" would have stumbled out of my mouth!!

    happy friday from a fellow blog frogger!