November 5, 2010

I Love New Hops, Freaky Friday Questions and Answers

Never fails in my house. One runny nose leads to a few runny noses and always makes it way around to me. Now I am sick with a runny nose and sore throat and body aches. I think this is the first year that mine has turned into the full blown flu. Taking over the counter stuff that really just makes me more sleepy then I was already. Trying to get through the day and still get something accomplished although I feel like a Train has run me over. So I have not had much energy, but I was able to read some blogs and I found this new hop and I like to try them when they come along. Although my true goal is to one day get readers interested in me and my thoughts and craft projects rather then the daily blog hops. LOL that may never happen because it usually takes me a month to finish one craft project with all of my other ten thousand things I have to get done in a week. And I read over my blog sometimes and think who is this girl writing this, she sounds so boring.. but then again I did make a promise to be more personal in my writings so hopefully that will help. Anyways the cold meds are making me ramble on as I am still typing and have not even gotten to the questions of the blog hop.. here they are.
1-What is your favorite part of fall? I love the part of fall when the weather gets chilly and the leaves fall off, living in San Diego I dont get much of that so I do like when I do get it.
2-Do you drive around and see the fall colors? Why or why not? I would drive around and see them, but since its 85 degrees this week here in San Diego. The thought of sitting in the car with a bunch of sweaty sick kids is not my idea of a good time.
3-What food reminds you most of fall? What makes it remind you of fall? For some reason everything pumpkin reminds me of fall. I love to make pumpkin cheesecake. I say that as I think to myself wow when was the last time I made pumpkin cheesecake. Add that to the list of ten thousand and one things to do this week.
4-Do you do anything special in the fall? I am starting to get into a little fall decorating, and well the pumpkin spice candle on my table is my first piece. Guess I better broaden my decorating to maybe some signs. I have no excuse my mom owns a business of primitive signs and she has tons of fall. Note to self, be a good daughter and buy a sign.
5-Do you have anything special that you eat during the fall? Nothing special that I eat, but this time of year my husband loves to buy egg nog. He buys it every year, right now the quart that he bought on the last shopping trip is sitting in the fridge in the side door. Not opened and may never be opened but he just feels good knowing he purchased it.
6-Do you like the cold weather? Now that depends on if I am indoors or out. If it is not raining then I can handle a nice pair of jeans and a jacket, but if it is raining I prefer to just keep my butt in the house. There is nothing worse then dragging a toddler out in the rain and begging her to not step in the mudd and please put on your hood and she is soaking wet and now complaining she is cold and you have not even left your driveway yet. That was just the trip to the car.

Happy Friday everyone. Pin It


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