October 21, 2010

Just Because I Am A Work At Home Mom

Where Moms Who Blog Go! I have been venting about this secretly for a long time, but I think its time for me to voice my opinion. We decided over three years ago that I would stop working outside the home and stay home with the kids. I have always wanted to do that and have no problems at all with that. I was excited and put in my two week notice the next day. Although I was not going to be working outside the home that did not mean that I was not going to need to bring in some money. So I began my search for a job that I could do from home. I had done some freelance and phone jobs from home in the past, but this needed to be a full time thing to make any money. Flash forward to now.. I work full time online doing various things, customer service, data entry, selling on eBay and ChaCha. On top of those things I am in the process of creating some crochet items to sell online as well. I am working well over full time hours but that is the pay off to be able to stay home with my kids. I am not going to vent about that, but my vent is about how just because I am a work at home mom does not mean I have my whole day to do what ever I want. Just because I am a work at home mom does not mean that I can keep my house spotless from morning until night. Just because I am a work at home mom does not mean that I dont have to follow any type of schedule. Some of my work does require me to schedule hours and show up for shifts. Just because I am a work at home mom does not mean that I can get all the laundry done, ironed, and folded all in a few hours. And just because I am a work at home mom does not mean that I dont need some help now and then. For some reason most people think that working from home is a piece of cake and that its not really working. I promise you some days I wish that I did have a job outside the home and my job as a mom and job to bring in an income were separate. I am not complaining, in this economy there are lots of people that are just looking for a job, I am lucky to have the opportunity to work from home and be with my kids. I just want the recognition that I in fact do work and I am not just being lazy all day. LOL Now that I have vented tell me what is your Just Because I am a work from home mom? Pin It


  1. I read your post on Tiffany Noth's blog post "Be A Blogger Other People Follow" on Bloggy Moms and I feel as though we have a connection...I made the choice to stay at home with my 2 year old twins and I am trying to get into the blog thing (although I took about 4 months off from blogging because I got too overwhelemed with, well all of the things your blog just spoke of). It is so hard to keep an organized , clean and dirty-laundry-free home while trying to be creative and bring in a few bucks! Melissa

  2. Melissa, it does feel good to have someone that understands how I feel. I am happy that you read my blog and I look forward to reading yours. I hope you will stop by again soon. Thank you

  3. Hi Valery, thanks for the follow and comment, I'm following you back. You have a great blog! You asked about getting people to comment and my advice is....
    1. Follow and seek out blogs similar to your own, that way if they follow back they will actually want to read and not just be a random follower.
    2. Read and comment (genuinely) on other blogs. Each comment I get is from someone whose blog I read and have commented on. You sound like a very very busy mom so that might be really tough because it's time consuming but after a few weeks of regular commenting, I found that people started commenting back and I'm recognizing names and actually feeling like I'm making some blog "friends". Good luck! You can consider me a new reader and commenter!

  4. Regarding your post, I have NO idea how moms work from home. At least not without a nanny! My kids would never leave me alone to work! Let alone get housework done. Seriously, you deserve a medal! Xo