April 12, 2011

Rawr... New Photo Prop to Share

Okay well I have been waiting to share this one with you. I have so many ideas in my head and they are just swimming around. Work and kids get in the way sometimes of my creative time, but I am trying to come up with some great things to share and this cute little hat is one of them. This is the NEW Crochet Dino Hat with a Tail in Newborn. The colors for this one are Denim Blue and Olive Green Spikes. I just love it and I have so many other things that I am thinking about. I can already picture this in so many colors. Thank you again to Amanda and Amanda Thompson Photography for the beautiful picture.

So it is Spring Break this week for half my kids, the other half go next week and so there is a week of some kids in school and some not. That can be crazy. I thought that it would be good so that I can get much more done while they are on break, but then again now I have more messes to clean and more meals to make during the day. It think I was crazy to think I would have more time not less. That is okay because they at least are entertaining my 4 year old enough to make her want to go to bed at night at a decent hour. I cant believe the school year is going by so fast. Where is the time going? What are you doing on your Spring Break?

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  1. too cute! thanks for sharing this at my party!

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  5. That is an amazing photo- it really shows off the hat!
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