January 16, 2012

Make It a Cupcake Monday

I have a love for baking and I found a blog called Confessions of a Cookbook Queen .
She has endless numbers of different Cupcake recipes. The good thing about cupcakes when you have 7 kids is they are easy to give out as dessert. So I thought that On Monday's my day I dont usually work that I would try a recipe of hers. Today I tried the Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cupcake. I made a few changes when I made mine but pretty much followed it perfectly. The recipe was so easy to follow and I am going to love trying them. The steps were easy too...1. Bake the cupcakes 2. cut the hole in the center 3. make the cheesecake filling. 4 fill the cupcakes 5. top with crumble and mini reeses. So simple and so yummy. Stay tuned for next weeks cupcake Monday.

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