February 26, 2011

Studypoint, should I use a tutoring program for my children

My son is 11 and in the 6th grade. Both of my boys are in the GATE program and they are smart kids, but they just dont know how to organize time or study. I never seen them studying actually and always have to bug them about home work and ask to see their homework calendars. This past week my son was up all hours of the night trying to do some homework and when I asked him why it was so much he had known about it for a week and just started it last minute. School always came easy to me so I am not sure how to teach my kids how to be good studiers. I am worried because I want them all to go to college and not just work full time like I did. I never too my SAT's because I chose to move out of my home early and work full time and try to juggle some community college with that. I dont want the same things for my kids. I am thinking about a program called Studypoint. They not only offer SAT tutoring but they offer Math Tutoring and ACT tutoring. They also work with improving your childs grades in subjects such as Biolgy, Spanish, Writing, and Chemistry. I know that I struggled in a foreign language and could have used the help, even though my family spoke the language it is not the way they teach it and I could have used an expert. Really being a parent and a mother of a larger family I not only look at what a program has to offer but what others say about it. Since inception, Studypoint and its experienced tutors have helped over thirteen thousand students nationwide increase their confidence, while achieving higher grades and test scores. I think that if I dont know how to teach my kids how to study and there is a program that can help then with the skills they need to get further in their education then I am the one with all the power to point them in the right direction. Studypoint is a program that I want to share with others and if I can help one other parent find a way to help their child and take the stress out of education then I will be happy. Learning should be fun and not a headache. Let's face it not all mother's or father's these days can sit down and give children the one on one time they need when they are struggling. We have to work full time and in most families both parents have to work. I know in a large family like mine there are not enough hours in one night to give the one on one attention for studying a child may need when they have a subject they are stuck on. I am grateful I found Studypoint and look forward to going further with it as my other children get older and may need the same help.

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  1. Hi, hopping by from Sunday Strolling Blog Hop! I'm a new follower here. I like this post you have done and agree with you that our children shouldn't stress out about school. I know my kids do. And boy do we have a lot of homework too! Good luck and please stop by and say Hi! Have a great week a head.


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  4. As a teacher, I think if your gut tells you to go with a tutor, then try it out and see how it goes. You're right... With seven kids, it will be hard to give each one the help they need if they are all struggling with managing their time. The tutoring program may help them to be more organized. Another thing I would suggest, if any of them write their homework down in a planner, start checking their planner every single night. Talk to their teachers frequently, even if it's by note, to see if they are doing well and if they are getting everything turned in on time. You could ask her to send a note home when they have a project or large amount of homework coming up soon, so that you can make sure your kids aren't waiting until the last night to do it all. Think about getting or making them planners or calendars for their rooms, where they can write down when assignments are due, so they don't forget about it or wait until the last minute. Good luck :)

  5. That was a great idea Kristin. Thank you for that and I am going to look into some sort of calender that is big but can hang on the wall in their bedrooms. That would be good for field trip reminders too.