February 27, 2011

New Stuff but not sure what the issue is??

I have been working hard lately every day trying to create something new. I have been working full time and then putting in the hours afterward to make at least one new item every day if not every other day. I am just not getting the responses that I wanted. I am disappointed right now that I have not made one sale. I promote on Facebook, twitter, and I have my Etsy Store and I am not sure what it is. I am asking for some help. Some opinions really. Just some comments. Is it my products? Is it my prices? Maybe my store or my pictures? I am not sure and I dont know what I am doing wrong. I need some advice. About 4 years ago I tried to do this business once before. I LOVE crocheting and creating and I want this to work but it didnt work last time and I spent more money on supplies and the business then I could afford. It is getting there again and I dont want to give up. So If you have been in my shoes and you have some words of wisdom please share them with me. I have been doing blog hops and trying to find more crafting blogs as well, and still not getting the traffic I am striving for. I do not want to give up my dream again but as we all have bills those come first and this will go to the back burner if it has to. Please comment and tell me any thoughts you may have.

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  1. Just popped by while relaxing and surfing, have a lovely day x

  2. Well, if someone tells you what the secret is, please pass it on. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy even have my own personal website and I am drowning. I do giveaways and donate to even more giveaways...nothing yet...I hope you get some sales soon and share the love over here!

  3. I think your products are really cute and the prices seem reasonable to me. My daughter would love the Hello Kitty hat and it weren't 70 degrees here today, I'd probably buy it for her.
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  4. they are indeed cute! i have been meaning to sell stuffs online, but haven't gotten round to it yet...i hope you'll get some sales soon!

    thanks for following! followed you via gfc and networked blogs. :)

    My bric-a-brac

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  7. Thanks for stopping by. You stuff is so cute. I'm following now. :)

  8. came from Kootoyoo's creative spaces. Have you been Handmadeology? They have great information on marketing your Etsy store/products. http://www.handmadeology.com/

  9. You are very talented. I am your newest follower through midweek mingle.

    Have you tried setting up at flea markets or craft fairs? Handmade items usually sell pretty well at places like that. I hope things work out for you.


  10. Hi! I was in your shoes. I started with thinking that my stuff was awesome and I just had to sit back and let the sales roll in. but that isn't the case. It's my second year with my shop, I find that after joining a few online communities, etsy teams, doing craft sales, my sales have increased. I also made a lot of contacts, and that has significantly changed how I work. I work on my pictures all the time, to make them perfect, and I run giveaways around this time. There is no secret about getting sales- it's all hard work. I invite you to http://themomshoppe.net because that's where my contacts started from. There is also Baby Swank's new blog about helping your shop succeed, http://meaganvisser.com . I just checked out your etsy shop, and first off, you are not using your 4 featured items, and you have no policies, I suggest to fix that first, and maybe join this Etsy team, http://www.etsy.com/teams/7978/etsy-entrepreneurs they have just started up to help you with your shop. I wish I could keep going, because I have learned so much! I think we should keep in touch ;) Lisa @ http://petitetuques.com

  11. Hi there!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm here to return the support! I just read your posting and I've been in your shoes. It takes a lot of time and work for you to see your shop pick up. I looked at your Etsy and here are a few tips:

    Your shop name on the top left is there twice, which makes it redundant. Put in that field what you carry. This is part of your SEO.

    Also, you shop announcement...use the first few lines to draw in the customer. What you carry, specialize in, etc etc. Welcoming them to your shop is not what you want. The first two sentences are what show in search engines. Take advantage of it.

    Lastly, photos. Create relationships with photographers and exchange your products for photos. Look around and don't be afraid to ask other shops for help on who they trust the most. Photography is key since its the only aid people have in order to make a purchase.

    I hope those three tips help.

    This manual helped me out a ton too. It's a good investment!



    Baby's Breath Handmade

  12. Hello,
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  13. Thank you for your wonderful tips Joyce and Lisa. I am going to read more and try figure out how to fix those things you were talking about. I know its hard work. I just need more hours in my day. Working full time and a big family takes up all my day but this is my dream and I want it to work so I will be patient.

  14. Hi Valery, I just joined your blog and I am glad that I took the time to read the comments from Joyce and Lisa. I am having the same problem regarding sales that you are having. When you find out how to A) stretch the day to be maybe 30 instead of 24 and B) get more sales to your store please let me know.

  15. New follower from the MBC Blog Hop. This is probably not an option but I think that you might draw more people in if you renamed your shop to give an indication of what you sell. I don't know, something like Crochet Chic. I agree that a rewrite of your intro is needed. Maybe you should highlight a couple of products that are totally customizeable that are your trademarks like sports team blankets, scarves or baby blankets. Hope that helps.

  16. How beautiful! I love your style. What a precious gift your items would make. New follower from the MBC Blog Hop. Follow back www.AkronOhioMoms.com please.

  17. Hey Val, stopping by from this Sunday's blog hop. I am now a follower. Your items are very cute and I can understand your frusration with things not selling like you hoped. I'm a writer and very talented in that area, as well as other areas. If all of my endeavors were successful, I'd be a millionaire, but it truly does take years sometimes for things to truly take off. Just keep creating on a daily basis and WHEN your time for success has come, you'll have plenty to offer; you know, "If you build it, they WILL come." No one knows when "when" will come, but it will eventually. Keep your head up, keep creating, keep your family first and success will eventually come.