January 8, 2011

A Week in Review....

Where did the week go? Wow I had a busy week and I feel like it was just Monday. I started the gym this week and I have to say that the first day I thought I was never going to go back. I have not been to the gym in so long and I have not had regular exercise in my day to day activities I think my body was in shock. I was on the elliptical and I was panting and huffing and puffing while my sister miss skinny mini was not even breaking as sweat. I tried hard to keep up but there was no way. I felt better by the end of the week, but we did break it up and do treadmill, elliptical, and weights. Next week we are bumping it up to 5 days for the week and also going to try a Zumba class. Good luck to me, I will be the one in the back either crying in the fetal position or passed out on the floor. I am not used to fitting in the gym to my daily routine so that took a toll on my house work. By the middle of the week my house was so messy I was going crazy. I had to stay up a few nights late just to get it cleaned up. But although I almost broke down and gave up the gym because the house was so messy I wont do it. I will have to find a balance. Along with all of this, working, and for some reason It seemed I had tons of errands that had to get done this week. I had a doctors appointment, they happened to take my blood pressure and although I am carrying all this extra weight my blood pressure is good. Hmm how does that happen when I have so much grey hair from stress. It is a mystery. My son got stitches while visiting his dad up north over Christmas break and we had to get those removed this week too. So with all that being said, I dont think I got to crochet one thing. So sad for sure since I am falling behind on my goal already to have my site up and going. I did join a yahoo group for business woman, I found a photographer that is willing to do pictures of my hats and products, and I joined Mama Made USA. I cant say that the whole week was a waste for crafts and I did get some things done. This week coming up I have my daughters 4th birthday party on Monday and a Doctor appointment Friday. Let's hope I can get a few hats done too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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  6. good luck with the gym & trying out the Zumba class! I was doing it over the summer and found it hard the first few times but really loved it after giving it a chance! I was really seeing results too! I want to start up again! Hope you enjoy it!