April 28, 2012

I need Opinions please....

Working on some new things. I am trying to expand my shop a bit and offer some "new items". My problem is that I am so picky about the pictures that I usually dont put them up until I get pictures back from my photography. But then that could take sometime so I thought I would put them up anyways. I just feel that it makes my store look so unfinished and not right. But maybe that is me. What d you usually do when you make something new? Do you post it or do you wait for "professional" pictures. My camera and knowledge on how to take pictures is not good enough to get good quality pictures for a good looking shop at all time.. Help is it just me or should I wait and not post them yet.

Here is a preview of what I have added. A new double pom pom hat, a caterpillar cocoon and a newsboy and diaper cover set.


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  1. I post my pictures right away. I don't know many photographers who can get the pics done quick enough and I wasn't satisfied enough with some that I have tried. Anyways, I just try to make sure there are plain backgrounds in my pics and do my best! Now that I have a DSLR my pics are a little better, and the ones from when I first opened my shop kind of bug me, but I just can't make one of everything and send to a photographer free of charge. :-/

  2. P.S. I LOOOOOVE the pom pom hat!! The bows are a great touch. Also I've been dying to make a hungry caterpillar set, just waiting for an opportunity. ;) Yours is adorable!

  3. You can go ahead and post them as is- but I think the better your pictures are, the more traffic you'll get. I've seen some people on Etsy do a deal where if people who purchase the item submit their picture, and it is selected by the seller, then the buyer gets a free item. (Did I explain that well?)